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Disclosures Under Regulation 30

Disclosure Financial Year 2022-23

Intimation of trading window closure for 30th June, 2022
Trading Application along with Approval Letter of 15,90,000 Shares
Trading Application along with Approval Letter of 3,24,000 Shares

Financial Year 2021-22

Statement of Deviation for quarter ended 30.09.2021
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window
Clarification on Price Movement 10.02.2022
Clarification on Price Movement 14.03.2022
Regulation 30_Appointment of Statutory Auditor
Regulation 30_Appointment of Directors
Regulation 30_Alteration in MOA and AOA
Regulation 30 (Para-B) Schedule-3 of SEBI LODR, 2015
Intimation of Appointment of Statutory Auditor
Clarification on Price Movement_12.05.2021
Related Party Disclosure Regulation 23(9) of SEBI LODR, 2015
Clarification on Price movement_08.04.2021
Clarification on Price Movement_12.05.2021
Intimation of Website Change

Financial Year 2020-21

Clarification on Price movement_14.07.2020
Clarification on Price movement_17.05.2020
Disclosure of material impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
Intimation for end of crushing season_2019-20
Intimation of Appointment of Internal Auditor
Intimation of Appointment of SA, CA
Intimation of appointment & reconstitution of committee
Intimation of Change in Directors
Intimation of Change in Directors_11.04.2020
Intimation of Notice of BM_26.03.2021
Intimation of Outcome of BM held on 26.03.2021
Intimation of Resignation of Director_30.09.2020
Intimation of Resignation of Director(Parag)
Intimation of Resignation of Director(Sebastine)_30.09.2020
Intimation of Resignation of Internal Auditor
Intimation regarding start of crushing season_2020-21

Financial Year 2019-20

Appointment of SA, CA, And IA
clarification on price movement
clarification on price movement 2
Intimation of 28th BM and Book Closure
Intimation of Change in Director
Intimation of change in Directors
Intimation of cut off date
Intimation of Resignation of Director
Intimation regarding start of crushing season 2019-20
Reason for encumberance
Resignation of DIrector Sameer Kumar Tiwari

Financial Year 2018-19

Change in Director
Intimation of BM
issue of duplicate Share certificate
Notice of AGM and Book Closure Date
Outcome of BM

Financial Year 2017-18

Intimation of Adjouned Board Meeting
Intimation of AGM and Book Closure
Intimation of appointment of RTA
Intimation of Appointment of SA
Intimation of Board Meeting
Intimation of Cancel of BM
Intimation regarding Reg 33
Inyimation of adjourned Board Meeting