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Outcome of Board Meeting 16.06.2022

Newspaper Clipping for Publishing of Audited Financial Results 31.03.2022

Intimation of Board Meeting 2021-2022 _Q4

Outcome of Circular Resolution Passed for Allotment of 15,90,000 fully Convertible warrants dated 26.03.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting for Allotment of 3,24,000 fully Convertible warrants dated 06.04.2022

Outcome of Board Meeting- Q-3 2021-22

Outcome of Board Meeting_2021-22_Q2

Outcome of Board Meeting_2021-22_Q2

Outcome of Board Meeting_2021-22_Q1

Outcome of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q4

Outcome of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q3

Outcome of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q2

Outcome of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q1

Outcome of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q4

Outcome of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q3

Outcome of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q2

Outcome of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q1

Outcome of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q4

Outcome of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q3

Outcome of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q2

Outcome of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q1


Intimation of Board Meeting_2021-22_Q1

Intimation of Board Meeting_2021-22_Q2

Intimation of Board Meeting 2021-2022 _Q3

Intimation of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q4

Intimation of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q3

Intimation of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q2

Intimation of Board Meeting_2020-21_Q1

Intimation of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q4

Intimation of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q3

Intimation of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q2

Intimation of Board Meeting_2019-20_Q1

Intimation of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q4

Intimation of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q3

Intimation of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q2

Intimation of Board Meeting_2018-19_Q1

Adjourning of Board Meeting

Intimation of Adjourned Board Meeting 2020-21_Q3

Adjourning for Board Meeting Q3