Company History

Indian Sucrose Limited (ISL) was incorporated on 12th December, 1990 under the Companies Act, 1956 as a Public Limited Company. It was originally promoted jointly by Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC) and Mukerian Papers Ltd. Subsequently Mukerian Papers Ltd. its nominee Companies including Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. and Punjab Woolcombers Ltd. took over the Control of the Company.

Our History

  • Founded on the 12th of December, 1990, Indian Sucrose Limited (ISL) stands as a testament to unwavering commitment and excellence in the sugar manufacturing industry. As a Public Limited Company, ISL was brought into existence under the esteemed Companies Act, 1956.

  • The inception of ISL was a collaborative effort, with Punjab Agro Industries Corporation (PAIC) and Mukerian Papers Ltd. joining hands to establish this venture. Over time, the reins of the company were effectively taken over by Mukerian Papers Ltd., along with its associated entities including Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. and Punjab Woolcombers Ltd.

  • The pivotal year of 1990 marked the establishment of ISL’s manufacturing plant, dedicated to the production of pristine white crystal sugar. This facility, initially equipped with a robust installed capacity of 2500 TCD (tonnes of cane crushed per day), was strategically located in the state of Punjab.

  • The forward-looking approach of ISL’s founders was evident from the very beginning, as they designed the plant with expandability in mind. This foresight paved the way for future growth, envisioning a remarkable expansion potential of up to 12,000 TCD.

  • Fast forward to the present day, ISL’s manufacturing plant has evolved significantly, boasting an impressive installed capacity of 9000 TCD. This growth trajectory stands as a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication to innovation and efficiency in sugar production.

  • Additionally, the manufacturing plant has embraced diversity in its operations by incorporating the co-generation of power, with an impressive capacity of 30 M.W. This forward-thinking approach not only aligns with sustainable practices but also emphasizes the company’s commitment to maximizing utility and minimizing waste.

  • ISL’s journey from its inception to its current stature has been characterized by continuous growth, adaptability, and an unyielding commitment to quality. With roots deeply embedded in Punjab, the company has not only contributed significantly to the state’s economic landscape but has also set a benchmark for excellence in the sugar industry.

  • As ISL continues to build on its legacy of innovation and sustainability, it remains poised to shape the future of sugar manufacturing both in India and beyond.