Packaging Size : 500g Pack: Contains 40 units
1kg Pack: Contains 20 units

Icing Sugar

(Confectioners' Sugar)

White Icing Sugar also known as Confectioners’ Sugar. It’s the secret ingredient that culinary enthusiasts and professional bakers trust to add that perfect touch of sweetness and elegance to their creations. Whether you’re decorating cakes, making pastries, whipping up fondues, creating sumptuous fillings, crafting delightful frostings, or adding a glossy glaze, our White Icing Sugar is your go-to choice. Let’s explore why it’s the preferred sugar for those who value taste, quality, and hygiene.

  • Used from premium white Refined Sugar that makes any added colour look natural.
  • Made from non-acidic sulphurless process.
  • Hygienically packed, zero impurities